The Ultimate Choice For Modern Windows And Doors

After years of painstaking development, Quaker launched OptiCore® frame technology as the nucleus of our new generation window and door products. Now available in our  luxury, commercial and traditional residential lines.

Technology to the Core.

OptiCore® is our patented aluminum frame design that defines the next evolution in thermal, structural and sound transmission performance for windows. This preeminent technology plays a vital role in the sustained growth of Quaker as we expand our footprint throughout the United States.

OptiCore® technology was previously exclusive to Quaker’s commercial products. Now we’re proud to offer OptiCore® across all of our product divisions.

Optimum Performance.

Structural: OptiCore’s sealant-injected, double corner construction contains maximum strength in corner joinery and frame design for superior structural integrity.

Thermal: Energy-enhanced glass packages are designed to provide buildings with exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance values that are unequaled in the industry.

Sound Control: When combined with various glass packages, OptiCore® can assist in reduce sound transmission through windows by up to 25%, vastly increasing indoor comfort levels.

Product Availability.

OptiCore® spans all three divisions and is used in the residential CityVu and TimberVu series, the Quartz CityLine and TimberLine series and our commercial C600 and W600 series. For customers who want to maximize performance from their new windows and doors, OptiCore® is the optimum choice.

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