Celebrate Silence

Along with looking good and providing protection from the elements, Quaker windows and doors are the best in class for sound reduction.

Helping You Enjoy the Quiet Life

Windows and doors play a vital role in reducing outside noise levels for all building types, and sound attenuation is a crucial factor during the purchasing process. Quaker manufacturers enhanced glass packages to minimize intrusive noise, so nobody has to endure a loss of quietude.

Sound Dampening by Default

Almost all of Quaker’s products contain glass that is at least 3.1mm in thickness, which is thicker than commonly used 2.2mm configurations used by other manufacturers. Thicker glass means our products have an immediate increase in sound dampening performance, and results from Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) tests show that some packages can help reduce outside noise by as much as 40%.

For top of the line sound performance, consider incorporating Quaker laminated glass to your design plans. For specific product information and test results, please visit your desired division website.