Weather Resistance

Providing The Ultimate Protection From Mother Nature

Structural integrity is at the core of all Quaker window and door product development. Our range features products suitable to withstand high wind speeds and sudden impacts so buildings can remain structurally sound and habitable when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Impressive Design
Pressure Ratings

Design Pressure Rating (DP) is an important metric for many customers as it signifies a windows ability to withstand a certain amount of wind load. Quaker windows featuring a highly coveted DP-50 (Design Pressure) or higher rating will reduce the impact from damaging winds of the Gulf Coast, Pacific Rim, Atlantic Seaboard, Upper Midwest, Plains States and Great Lakes Region.

Impact-Resistant Frames

Thanks to their sealant-injected double corner key construction, Quaker’s OptiCore Technology features frames that perform extremely well during serious weather events.

Glass Packages for All Needs

Our wide range of glass packages means that all customers can find the most suitable weather resistance package for their needs.

To find your perfect weather-resistance windows and doors, visit our residential, luxury residential or commercial website.