Quality in Innovation

Product Development With A Difference

Quaker’s advanced technology development and quality control processes ensure that our products remain of the highest quality to meet all customer demands and satisfaction levels. We do this by maintaining the highest standards in product quality, implementing the most thorough tests in the industry, and focusing on ways to improve manufacturing that result in better windows and doors.

Industry-leading Audits

Quaker goes the extra mile to make sure that all products are constructed to the highest quality by measuring every part of the manufacturing process. Physical and electronic monitoring occur daily and audits are performed each week to closely examine product performance. Comparisons between audit results are made from results of the same week 12 months prior to ensure that our quality is always improving.

World Class In-House Testing Labs

With four separate testing walls available in our labs, Quaker product models are put through the most rigid tests so that superior product quality remains our standard. Models throughout all divisions are continually put through intense wind speed, rain, and commercial distortion tests. Argon levels are also tested and monitored by our experts to guarantee the advertised insulation value of our windows.

Guaranteed to Last

Quaker’s enhanced warranties provide additional assurances that our products are built to last. With residential and commercial windows protected for up to 20 years from manufacturing glass defects, our customers enjoy long-lasting solutions for their window and door needs.