Thermal Performance

Optimize Indoor Living

Along with looking good and providing protection from the elements, Quaker windows and doors are the best in class for thermal performance.

Experience Year-Round Comfort

Quaker products feature exceptional thermal performance tailored to climate zones across the U.S. By assisting with heat retention in northern zones and minimizing it in southern zones, Quaker windows and doors make buildings more energy efficient and can considerably reduce heating and cooling costs.

Energy Efficient Solutions for All Climates

To see what products are suitable for your location, Quaker windows and doors are equipped with NFRC stickers that show their thermal performance test results. They include:

U-Factor: Measures how window insulation properties. The lower the U-Factor, the better the window insulates.

SHGC: Measures heat transfer from the sun through the window. A low SHGC score means less solar heat enters into the building.

Air Leakage: Measures the amount of air that passing through the product. A low Air Leakage result means the building will be less prone to drafts.

For specific product information and test results, visit the respective division website.