Quaker Historical Windows bring New Life to Old Buildings

Preserving traditional architecture is complex

You know it, and at Quaker Windows & Doors, we know it too. However, at Quaker, preserving the integrity and design of traditional architecture has been a specialty of ours for years. In fact, we like to think we make this uneasy task an easy one for our customers to handle.

That’s why designers, developers, and architects from around the country have turned to Quaker for our assistance with their historical projects. When it comes to being faithful to original window aesthetics, Quaker knows exactly what needs to be done and how to make it all work.

Our Historical Series windows and patio doors offer solutions across the board
  • Historically correct sightlines
  • Distinctly attractive profiles
  • Peerless structural integrity
  • Superior thermal-efficiencies
  • A multitude of accurate panning designs to preserve the aesthetics of original framing
  • Never is a job too custom for Quaker. Our option and accessory choices allow us to do what others can’t. From simulating true divided lites and putty glazing, to the addition of ogee blocks, custom colors, and more.


Historical Uniquities are not impossible to match

It just takes experience and know-how. At Quaker we have both. From the word “go”, we devote special attention to every detail. We recognize and respect the fact that each project, sometimes each window, has its own individual flavor. So, matching custom shapes, custom colors, custom grids, custom panning… custom anything for that matter… to fulfill the task of exact duplication is simply a standard step of the process.